Parking Information and Rules
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Parking FAQ

Q:. Who can use "visitor" parking spaces?
A: Spaces marked “visitor” are available on a first-come, first-serve basis to visitors of Alden Glenn residents. 

Visitor parking is restricted to seventy-two (72) hours. The seventy-two (72) hour period shall begin when a vehicle first enters a visitor parking space and the period will not cease when a vehicle temporarily leaves the visitor parking space and returns. Use of a visitor space for more than a seventy-two (72) hour period requires special permission from the HOA.

Visitor spaces shall NOT be used for vehicles owned or operated by residents of Alden Glen.  

Q: How does the Alden Glen define "visitor" as it relates to visitor parking?
A: A visitor is defined as any person who maintains their primary residence outside of Alden Glen AND does not habitually park in the community more than four (4) days per week.

Q: Are residents allowed to use visitor parking?
A: No. Residents parking in visitor parking are subject to being towed, without warning, at the vehicle owner’s expense.

Q: Are the any vehicles prohibited in resident/visitor spaces?
A: Yes. The following vehicles are prohibited from resident and visitor parking:

Commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles, inoperative vehicles, unlicensed vehicles, oversized vehicles, vehicles under repair, stored vehicles and vehicles of members deemed “not in good standing.”

Q: What do I do if someone parks in my reserved space without my permission?
A: Residents have the authority to have a car towed from their own designated parking space. It is the resident’s responsibility to make arrangements with a towing company.

Q: Does the HOA own and maintain the entire length of Holly Avenue?
A: No. Holly Avenue from Rt. 29 to the circle is owned and maintained by VDOT. The HOA has no responsibility or authority on that part of Holly Ave.