About Our Trash and Recycling Services 

​Trash Pick-up Days:
Monday and Thursday

Recycling Pick-up Day:

Yard Waste Pick-up Day:

Trash and recycling are provided as part of your quarterly assessment

Trash and Recycling Provider:
American Disposal Services

Trash Contact:
​For questions or issues regarding trash and recycling, please contact our property management company, SFMC (see the Contact Us page for contact details)

Trash FAQ:

What is the earliest I can put out my trash/recycling for pick-up?
For the health and safety of our community, please only place your trash and recyclables out the morning (by 7:30 am) of the trash service day.

I am going away on vacation and will miss trash pick-up, can I put my trash out early?
Please only place your trash out for pick-up on the morning (by 7:30 am) of the trash service day. 

Also, if you place a trash can or recycling bin out the morning you leave, please ask a neighbor to return the receptacle to your backyard to ensure it is not left on the common grounds while you are away.

Will the waste management company collect my old paint cans, used motor oil, and other hazardous chemicals?
American Disposal will not take the following items: acids, fire extinguishers, ammunition, antifreeze, asbestos, automobile parts, cinder blocks, concrete, TV's, computer monitors, car batteries, chemicals, dead animals, motor oil, mulch, paint, pesticides, poisons, propane or helium tanks, sod, tires, tree stumps, dirt, rocks and stones.

Is there any special container I should use for trash?
Please ensure your trash is placed in a securely closed trash bag. Acceptable trash bags are "Hefty" style kitchen bags or outdoor bags. Please do not use small retail bags as they cannot be properly closed and allow animals to easily pull them open.

Trash bags can either be placed at the curb alone, or can be placed in a trash can. Please be sure to return trash cans to your backyard or inside your home by the evening after trash is picked-up.

Will there be a collection if the pick-up day falls on a holiday?
For federal holidays, check American Disposal's website for up-to-date collection information including make-up dates. 

Will my discarded Christmas tree be picked-up?
Alden Glen has two annual Christmas tree pick-up dates. Check the Alden Glen main page or the American Disposal website for additional information following Christmas.

Recycling FAQ:

What can I recycle?
Recyclable materials include: all Plastics labeled #1-7, aluminum and steel cans, wire coat hangers, aluminum foil, empty aerosol cans, mixed paper, office paper, junk mail, magazines, catalogs, phone books, paperback and hardback books, cereal boxes and paper juice containers, newspapers, cardboard, and all glass.

Do I need to sort my recyclables?
American Disposal Services uses single stream recycling, therefore we can combine all of our items together without the need to sort and separate recyclable materials.

My recycling bin has gone missing, what should I do?
First, check with your neighbors to see if your box was inadvertently picked-up. If you are unable to locate your bin, replacement boxes can be purchased from American Disposal Services, or you can purchase a recycling box from local retailers such as Home Depot or Wal-Mart. Please ensure the word "Recycle" or "Recycling" is clearly marked on both sides of the new box. 
Trash & Recycling